A hearing for Hamilton police Insp. David Doel has been postponed another day over administrative issues, including whether parts of the hearing will be open to the public.

The hearing into the Hamilton Police Services officer, who faces 14 charges of misconduct under the Police Services Act, was initially scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Testimony is now set to start on Wednesday, after a Doel's brief appearance that kicked off the week.

Discussion Tuesday focused on media access to edited transcripts. Presiding officer Robert Fitches, a retired OPP superintendent, ruled in February that the hearing will happen behind closed doors to protect the identity of an alleged victim, referred to as Ms. Y.

Doel’s charges include allegations of having sex while on the job, keeping pornography on his work computer, using police phone and video equipment for personal use, and using the national criminal database for personal use.

He has been suspended with pay for four years, amounting to around $500,000.

Doel's offences date back as far as 2006, the charges claim. 

Prosecutor Lynda Bordeleau is representing Hamilton Police Service. Lawyer Harry Black is represents Doel.