To help celebrate the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s 100th anniversary, Canada Post is issuing a new commemorative envelope featuring masterworks from the gallery’s collection.

It features well-known works like The Phantom Hunter by William Blair Bruce and Sunset and Tumult by Emily Carr. Works like these represent the cultural depth of the AGH’s permanent collection, which is recognized as one of the best in the country, Canada Post says.

“Canada Post is pleased to join the celebration of the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s 100th anniversary with this commemorative envelope,” said Jim Phillips, director of stamp Services. “This anniversary is the perfect opportunity to showcase these special works and the art gallery they call home.”

The gallery’s collection includes more than 10,000 works of art and is focused on 19th century European, Canadian historical and contemporary art. Bruce’s Phantom Hunter — which is featured on the front of the envelope – was one of 29 paintings donated to the city by the Bruce family after the artist’s death in 1906. That gift led to the gallery being established in 1914.

“Over the past 100 years, the Art Gallery of Hamilton has become one of Canada’s finest art museums,” said Louise Dompierre, president and CEO, of the gallery. “The Art Gallery of Hamilton takes pride in its groundbreaking exhibitions, outstanding community and educational programming, and a permanent collection that has grown in size from 29 works in 1914 to more than 10,000 a century later.”

The envelope was designed by Katie Deering of Canada Post graphic design, and 8,000 of them were printed.