Student strikers in Quebec will get support tonight from people in Hamilton.

Local organizers are calling for people in the city to meet tonight at 8 p.m. at Gore Park. They are asking people to gather and bang pots and pans to show their support for students in Quebec. Casserole rallies — or cacerolazos — originated in Latin American countries as a form of popular protest where people bang pots and pans.

Quebec students have taken to the streets over the last four months to protest proposed tuition increases and its controversial anti-protest law. Bill 78 would suspend the winter semester and restricts protests.

As student negotiators emerged from the first day of meetings at a Quebec City office tower Monday night, 84 protesters outside were surrounded by riot police and detained. The demonstrators had been protesting noisily but peacefully in the street, alongside a couple of hundred others who dispersed and avoided arrest.

Hamilton organizer Dorian Batycka put together the video on this page to explain why Hamiltonians should come out to support the student strikers.