Hamilton woman directs video for David Bowie's new song

A Hamilton woman is the creator of a video for David Bowie's latest single, The Stars (Are Out Tonight), released Tuesday.

Floria Sigismondi creates video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

A Hamilton woman is the director of a video for David Bowie's latest single The Stars (Are Out Tonight), released Tuesday.

The video, featuring actress Tilda Swinton, isn't the first time that Hamiltonian Floria Sigismondi has worked with the rock legend.

She also directed videos for Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking, more than a decade ago.

"Floria was born in Pescara, Italy, to opera singer parents," according to the biography on the fillmmaker's official website. "When she was two years old, the family emigrated to Canada and settled in the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario."

In addition to Bowie, she has also worked on videos for a wide range of artists including The White Stripes, The Cure, Bjork, Leonard Cohen and Marilyn Manson.

Her website says her work in film and photography "explores the effects of science on our contemporariy experience of the body..."

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is the second single released from Bowie's upcoming album The Next Day, scheduled for release on March 26th. It's Bowie's first new album in about 10 years.