Don’t put away your winter coat just yet, but keep those galoshes handy.

Hamilton is once again under a cold weather alert on Saturday. The city’s medical officer of health issues the advisory anytime current or anticipated temperatures drop below –15 C or –20 C with the wind chill.

It is at least the fourth time Hamilton has been under a cold weather alert since the beginning of January. The most recent one came into effect on Feb. 5 and ended on Wednesday.

The current cold snap isn’t expected to last much beyond the weekend. Snow and a high of –9 C are in the forecast for Sunday, according to Environment Canada, but the overnight low into Monday is set to bottom out at a frosty –21 C.

The weather agency says a warming trend will take hold starting early next week. Highs of –1 C and 2 C are in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, respectively, while a 60 per cent change of rain and highs around 5 C are on tap for the end of the workweek, Environment Canada says.

Prepare for things to get soggy.