Apparently, the editors at Moneysense don't quite believe "You can do anything in Hamilton."

If they did, the city at the western tip of Lake Ontario would have ranked higher than 63rd on the financial magazine's Canada's Best Places to Live 2013 list.

(We know what you're thinking: But haven't they heard about the waterfalls?)

Calgary took first spot, Toronto came in a Number 28, while Burlington, Hamilton's uppity next-door neighbour, placed an uppity third. The sleepy suburb also took top prize in both the mid-size city and best place for new immigrants category.

Moneysense uses a complex (and somewhat arbitrary) equation to arrive at its rankings, taking into account factors such as a city's climate, its crime rate, the quality of its public transit system, property tax rates and the types of amenities that are available to its residents.

Hamilton benefits from boasting more than one higher-ed institution, but suffers from its residents having a lower average income than Oakville and Burlington.

If it's any consolation, Steeltown folk, we beat Kitchener (68), St. Catherines (74) and even left postcard-pretty Port Hope, Ont. (67) in our dust.

And despite its zippy metro, stunning architecture and hip music scene, Montreal languished behind Hamilton, coming in at 134.

Do you think the Moneysense report was right on the money with its ranking? Use the comments section below to have your say about qualities of Hamilton the report missed, or what you think the city can do to improve.