All Hamilton public and Catholic schools remain open Wednesday morning. Mohawk College and McMaster University are open as well.

Several schools are closed today. Those include Redeemer College, Burlington Christian Academy, Calvin Christian School in Hamilton, Covenant Christian School in Smithville, Hamilton District Christian High School, Hillfield Strathallen College, John Knox Christian School in Stoney Creek, Trinity Christian School in Burlington, Talc Academy in Burlington, John Calvin School in Burlington, Rehoboth Christian School in Copetown, Guido de Bres Christian High School and Timothy Christian School.

Safe Driving Tips

If you have to go out in the mess today, here are some tips from Hamilton Police Services for safe driving in winter weather:

  • Avoid driving in hazardous weather conditions, when possible
  • Leave earlier; give yourself more time to reach your destination
  • Leave a greater distance between you and the other traffic around you
  • Slow down
  • When stopping, give yourself double the braking distance you normally would
  • When entering a curve, brake before the curve to slow down, and then steer gradually through it
  • Make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter driving
    • Winter tires
    • Fluids topped up, especially wiper fluid
    • Brush off snow and ice from all your windows and mirrors as well as your brake lights, turn signals and headlights
  • Keep focused on the roadway
  • No cell phones, eating, grooming or smoking to distract you from your driving

So, students tell us how you really feel?