A Hamilton police officer faces new charges of misconduct under the Police Services Act.

Cst. Douglas Sephton, 35, appeared at a Police Services hearing Thursday morning.

Sephton is facing eight new charges of misconduct and insubordination. He already faces 15 Police Act charges.

Sephton has been with the Hamilton Police Service for 10 years.

Two of the earlier Police Act charges are in connection with criminal code offences.

The new charges are for failing to report to the Mountain station which was home base for Sephton and for failing to attend a police act hearing in January.

Sephton was found not guilty on an impaired driving charge from September 2010, said Mike Thomas, president of Hamilton Police Association. 

The second charge of impaired driving is still before a Barrie court, Thomas said.

Sephton has pleaded not guilty to this charge, and the proceedings have not concluded.

Sephton's other police act charges include discreditable conduct, deceit and consuming alcohol in a manner prejudicial to duty.

Thomas said Sephton is a "decent guy."

"He was a very well-liked, respected officer in his squad," said Thomas."He ran into diffficulty."

Sephton was charged on June 12  in connection with what police describe as a domestic threat that occurred June 5.

Sephton is currently suspended from duty with pay.

None of the 23 police act charges against Sephton have been proven yet, and he has not said he is responsible for any of them, said Thomas.

Thomas said Sephton is expected to enter a plea at his next hearing scheduled for Aug. 13.