Hamilton police officer arrested, charged with obstructing justice, theft

A veteran Hamilton police officer was arrested Friday and charged with theft and obstructing justice in what police are calling an "on-duty incident."

15-year police veteran suspended with pay ahead of March court appearance

A veteran Hamilton police constable was arrested Friday and charged with theft and obstructing justice in what police are calling an "on-duty incident."

Police said the incident took place on Jan. 26 of this year.

The officer, who has been with the police for 15 years, allegedly unlawfully cancelled a ticket he’d served to a driver.

Police said the inconsistency was noticed during the processing of a ticket for a provincial offence.

Highway Traffic Act violations, like speeding, are the most common provincial offences, though the offence could also be related to municipal by-laws or charges laid under provincial legislation like trespassing.

The officer has been suspended with pay in the lead up to his March 19 court appearance. Under the provincial Police Services Act, any time an officer is suspended while under investigation they must also still be paid.

Hamilton police spokesperson Catherine Martin said there was little else she could reveal about the investigation.

She said provincial offences tend to be traffic-related incidents.

Martin said the charges are not related to a scandal engulfing the force's ACTION team, which is being investigated for allegedly writing false tickets that would count towards police statistics but were never handed out.

Const. Don Sauve, 50, of Caledonia, has been charged with one count of obstructing justice and two counts of theft. 


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