Hamilton police have arrested a couple that police say forced a teenager into the local sex trade.

Police say the teen was approached by 49-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman to engage in prostitution under their direction and control.

According to Hamilton police spokeswoman Catherine Martin, police became aware of the youth’s situation at the end of September and the pair was arrested Oct 1.

Police refuse to release the teenager's age because they say it would lead to her being identified.

It is the first time police in Hamiton have laid a charge of adult trafficking in an individual under 18 and a charge of an adult living on the avails of juvenile prostitution, said Martin.

The man and woman are scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

They have been charged with adult trafficking in persons under 18, adult transporting person to a common Bawdy House, adult owner of a Bawdy House, adult living on the avails of juvenile prostitution and adult material benefit.