A convicted pedophile from Hamilton has been rearrested for what police call “the protection of society.”

On Friday, Brantford police carried out a Correctional Service of Canada Warrant and arrested 78-year-old James Alfred Cooper — a man who was found guilty of 16 counts of abusing five girls and one boy under the age of 14 back in 1993.

Cooper had been living at a halfway house in Brantford since gaining a statutory release in early December. He had previously been released three times and had breached his parole conditions each time.

Cooper received a statutory release in December, which is mandated by law when a person serves two third of their sentence.

Brantford police didn’t reveal much as to why he was arrested on Friday – but on Monday, police announced he was arrested “for the protection of society,” a broader term that refers to a breach of “some sort of condition,” police say.

No complaints or offences have been brought to police. “The Brantford Police Service does not have an ongoing criminal investigation regarding this offender,” a news release reads.

The type of warrant issued for Cooper’s arrest can also be issued for a breach of probation, to prevent a breach of probation, and as an automatic suspension.