A Hamilton man pulled out a sawed-off shotgun after he found himself in a fight outside a downtown Hamilton bar, police say.

Around 2 a.m. on Thursday, a man in his 20s was walking near a club near King William Street at Hughson Street North when he saw “two groups getting in a fight,” said Hamilton police spokeswoman Debbie McGreal-Dinning.

He proceeded to “give them a piece of his mind,” she said.

The fight escalated and a number of combatants assaulted the man. He responded by pulling a sawed off shotgun out of a bag he was carrying and pointed the weapon at his attackers, McGreal-Dinning said.

He was then seen stashing the gun in a nearby alleyway.

When officers arrived to the scene, witnesses pointed out the man. Police were also able to locate the weapon, which was loaded with two rounds, and found a box with additional ammunition.

Officers arrested the suspect, who was then taken to hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

A 27-year-old Hamilton man faces several charges in the incident, including possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, pointing a firearm, and possession of a prohibited weapon.

He was scheduled for a Thursday bail hearing.