Steve Gillon really loves high fives.



"It's the most informal greeting you can give — and everyone loves a high five," he said.

Gillon started the High Fives 2 Help Lives project after losing an uncle to heart disease and his grandparents to lung cancer.

"I was just dwelling too much on losing my family," Gillon said. So he decided to ditch being downtrodden and channel his energy into something more positive.

His message is simple — trying to inspire people to do "awesome things in their community."

The high fives campaign is similar to Movember, he says. But instead of sporting mustaches, people can high five year-round as a way to raise awareness for various social causes around Hamilton.

His campaigns tend to centre on cancer and heart disease, but Gillon says he'll focus on any cause that needs attention.

In the past, donations from Dillon's fundraising drives have gone to the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre and the Juravinski Cancer Centre.

He's planning a food drive for Thanksgiving, but his next big project is a Movember fundraiser this November.

He says Hamilton can expect a lot of greasy mustaches and high fives this November.

"It'll be gross," he laughed.

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