A Hamilton man has been arrested on a slew of charges including forcible confinement and counseling to commit murder.

The charges spin out of an incident on July 30 at a Stoney Creek home. A man who police say stole items from the accused was held there and repeatedly assaulted until he arranged for the money to be paid back.

The accused met with an associate of the man and negotiated the payment. Nothing was reported to police.

Then early Thursday, four armed, masked men burst into a Stoney Creek address where the accused had been visiting. The accused was assaulted with a weapon and a large amount of cash was taken, police say.

Though the man needed medical attention, that incident wasn't reported either, police say.

Then around 3 p.m. on Friday, the accused saw a man he believed knew the people who committed the home invasion while driving past him in Stoney Creek.

The accused stopped the man and tried to convince him to get into the car. When he refused, the accused pulled out a gun and told him again to get in, police say. The man continued to refuse to get in and the accused robbed him, police say.

"Hamilton Police were also made aware that [the accused] counseled an individual known to him to commit murder in relation to the home invasion," a statement from police reads.

Then on Monday, police were called about a possible impaired driver parked on a street in Stoney Creek. Officers found the accused in the rear passenger seat of the car, and he falsely identified himself, police say.

He was arrested without incident and held for a bail hearing.

During a number of these incidents, the man was carrying firearms, police say. The man was sentenced to 34 months in jail back in 2008 on gun and drug related charges.

He was also arrested back in 2011 when police found him in possession of a loaded semi-automatic handgun.

A 29-year-old Hamilton man has been charged with counseling to commit murder, pointing a firearm, forcible confinement, extortion, four counts of possession of a firearm while prohibited, robbery with a firearm, and obstructing police.