Hamilton hospital says C. difficile outbreak has ended

St. Joseph's hospital says the outbreak is officially over.

St. Joe’s says the C. difficile outbreak at the hospital is now over.

In a statement issued Thursday St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton said the outbreak status that was declared on July 28 had been lifted.

There were 16 hospital-associated cases at the Charlton campus in the month-long outbreak period.

Twenty-eight days must pass following the onset of symptoms before an outbreak status can be lifted, said Anne Bialachowski, the manager of infection prevention and control for St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The hospital reported that while there are 10 patients with hospital-associated infections at its Charlton campus, only three cases of this kind had emerged in the past month.

"This is well below our normal baseline rate," Bialachowski said.

Both St. Joseph’s Hospital and the Hamilton General Hospital had declared outbreaks of the infection in late July.

There have been no recent changes and no new cases of C. difficile at Hamilton General Hospital, said spokesperson Lillian Badzioch.

Hamilton General Hospital expects to remove its outbreak status Friday.

"We’re just kind of keeping our fingers crossed," Badzioch said. "We’re hoping for a positive outcome on Friday."