Imagine being able to walk or cycle through Hamilton using a long, unbroken trail.

Imagine biking to work on a route that includes bike lanes, and separated trails lined with trees and bushes.

That's the vision of the Hamilton Burlington Trails Council, which wants to establish a trail system that stretches around Hamilton.

It's likely still 20 years away from completion, said chair Wayne Terryberry. But little by little, that's what the council hopes to achieve.

"We'd like to create a multiuse trail system through the region that makes use of all the wonderful trails we have," he said. "We want to create a very fluid trail network."

Other cities, such as Indianapolis and Portland, Ore., have enviable trail systems that run through the cities, and are inspiration for what the group hopes to achieve. The next step for the council, Terryberry said, is a study to see what's possible.

"We have ideas, but now we need to look at the feasibility and the costs," he said.

Terryberry presented the plan to the city hall general issues committee on Wednesday. Councillors were supportive.

Coun. Aidan Johnson of Ward 1 moved a motion for the city to be an active member of the council "to further the City of Hamilton's transportation, public health and economic development." Everyone was in favour.

McMaster University and the Hamilton Conservation Authority have also acknowledged the plan, Terryberry said. He's pursuing similar acknowledgement from Burlington council.