It was worth a shot, but despite a council inquiry, the large blue and white sign that once hung outside the Hamilton Farmer's Market is gone forever.

Councillors passed a resolution earlier in May to have city staff look for the sign, a once recognizable downtown icon that read "Farmers' Market and Library" in an old-style font. If it was still around, the resolution says, maybe it could be reused on the newly renovated Hamilton Farmer's Market on York Boulevard.

But it appears that it's not, and it didn't require much investigation. Janet Warner, a project manager with the city, contacted the contractor involved in renovating the farmers' market and the Hamilton Public Library's central branch. The contractors said they threw it out.

"I can't confirm where it was scrapped or how it was scrapped," she said. "But the contractor has confirmed that the old sign was removed and scrapped."

Coun. Jason Farr, who represents Ward 2 downtown, brought up the motion at a May 13 emergency and community services meeting. Warner investigated.

Contractors began a widespread renovation on the library and farmer's market in 2009. The project was completed in 2011. The plan was to incorporate the sign on the glass exterior walls, which happened, Warner said. The demolition contractor disposed of the sign as part of the contract.

City staff will present this information at an emergency and community services meeting on June 10.