A Hamilton man with a history of drinking and driving has been handed a five-year prison sentence for being impaired in a car crash that fatally injured a 33-year-old Halifax woman.

Joseph Warren, 42, pleaded guilty on Monday to impaired driving causing death and marijuana possession. The charges stem from an Oct. 31 collision, when his 2006 Toyota Corolla hit Zoë Nuddell — an artist who moved to Hamilton two weeks earlier — while she was jogging on Charlton Avenue East near the Wentworth Stairs.

She died in hospital the next day.

Officers arrested Warren, who was driving without insurance, at the scene of the crash. He blew three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit on a breath test at the station. 

Zoe Nudell

Artist Zoë Nudell moved to Hamilton from Halifax only about two weeks before she died. (Halifax Shambhala Centre)

He was also found in possession of marijuana.

On the same day as Warren entered his plea, a judge handed down his sentence. He faces a five-year prison term, a lifetime driving ban and two $1,000 fines, one for driving without insurance and the other for driving without an interlock device.

Hamilton police spokesman Claus Wagner said he couldn’t comment on whether Warren had previous impaired driving convictions. But the fine for driving without an interlock device indicates that Warren has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

In Ontario, judges can order people with drunk driving convictions or alcohol-related licence suspensions to install an interlock device in their vehicles, said Wagner. The technology requires the driver blow a clean breath test before the car will start.