Hamilton Daystarter: Everything you need to know Wednesday

Here's your news, weather and traffic for Wednesday, May 7.
Clouds and a 30 per cent chance of rain, with the risk of a thunderstorm, are in the forecast for Wednesday. (CBC)

It appears like it will be cool, calm day.

But looks, as the cliché goes, can be deceiving.

A risk of a thunderstorm is in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Consider yourself warned. 

GO Transit isn’t experiencing any major delays on its train and bus lines running in and out of Hamilton.

Ontario Provincial Police are reporting the following problems on highways in the Hamilton area:

  • Fort Erie-bound QEW, off-ramp at Appleby Line, Burlington: Single-motorcycle collision on the ramp, ambulance called, 7:49 a.m.
  • Westbound Hwy 403 before Hwy 52, Ancaster: Tire debris on all lanes, 7:39 a.m.
  • Northbound Hwy 6 before Book Rd, Ancaster: two-vehicle collision on the shoulder, ambulance called, 7:17 a.m.
  • Fort Erie-bound QEW on the downside of the Burlington Skyway: A goose is walking on the left lane, 6:41 a.m.

According to Hamiltongasprices.com, the cheapest rate for regular unleaded gas in the city is 126.3 cents a litre, spotted at the Pioneer station at 386 Upper Gage Ave. on early on Wednesday morning. 

Environment Canada predicts a clouds day and a high of 13 C for Wednesday. A 40 per cent chance of rain with a risk of a thunderstorm is in the forecast for the afternoon. Expect more clouds and a 60 per cent chance of showers — also with the risk of a thunderstorm — for the overnight period.

A mainly cloudy day is again in store for Thursday, with a 60 per cent chance of rain in the early morning. A high of 10 C is expected for the day. Environment Canada says a 30 per cent chance of rain is in the forecast for Thursday night, with another risk of a thunderstorm.

The storm risk will continue into Friday. A high of 22 C and a 60 per cent chance of rain or thunderstorms are in store for the final day of the work week.

Call it an election-season surprise. Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, to state that the Liberal government, if it is reelected, will fund 100 per cent of the capital costs for a rapid transit plan for Hamilton. His pronouncements have politicians and observers in the city wondering what exactly he means. Is he suggesting that the province will fund the full ticket price of a planned $800-million light-rail transit line running from Eastgate Square to McMaster University, or the full cost of a bus rapid transit system along the same route? Presumably, we’ll soon find out. 

Kate Watkinson snapped this photo of her friend bathed in light and posted it to Instagram on Tuesday night. What a sunset! 


How about some '90s nostalgia for your Wednesday? CBC Music edited together a so-called '90 Alt-Rock Vocal Supercut this week, made up exclusively of the nonsensical woo-woos, oh-oh-ohs and do-do-dos that that decade in music had to offer. It features hum-along-able entries from pop luminaries such as Sloan, Third Eye Blind and Pavement. Posted a week ago, the video already has nearly 80,000 hits. Wahoo!