Hamilton Daystarter: Everything you need to know Tuesday

Here's all your news, weather and traffic for on one very cold Tuesday, March 4.
Hamilton woke up to bitterly cold temperatures on Tuesday morning. (CBC)

Crash. Bam. Pow. Shiver.

Mother Nature just took a frozen hammer to another one of Hamilton’s longstanding cold weather records and smashed it to smithereens.

Temperatures ebbed to around –22 C in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. That’s the lowest temperature ever recorded on March 4 since the Hamilton International Airport weather station began keeping track in 1959. And it beat it by a long shot.

The previous all-time low for the city was a relatively balmy –17.2 C, measured on that date in 1962.

The record high for March 4? That would be 15.6 C, recorded on Tuesday’s date in 1974. 

GO Transit is experiencing trains delays on its Lakeshore West line afternoon a door malfunction on 6:13 a.m. Union-Aldershot train.

The Ontario Provincial Police are reporting no collisions causing delays on Hamilton-area highways on Tuesday morning.

A warming trend is in store for the city for later in the week. Environment Canada expects a high of –6 C and a 60 per cent chance of flurries for Wednesday.

The temperature is expected to inch up even higher into the weekend, with a high 2 C in forecast for Friday and highs of around –1 C predicted for each of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Will the seasonal temperatures last? It may be too soon to tell.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the city of Hamilton issuing more than a $1 billion worth in building permits in each of the last two years. Well that hasn’t translated into big increases for the city’s tax base — at least not yet.

In 2013, the city saw a 0.8 per cent increase in tax assessment over the previous year. That’s the same level of growth this city saw in 2012, but is well down from the 1.3 per cent uptick it clocked in 2009. 

And the controversy surrounding McMaster's suspension of an engineering students' group over an offensive songbook is back in the news. Hundreds of people have signed a petition started by McMaster University engineering students that’s calling on the university to reinstate privileges stripped in the wake of the Redsuits songbook controversy.

Hamilton's Golden Horseshoe Aviation tweeted this photo of a very frozen, yet beautiful, Lake Ontario.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was on a big American late-night talk show. And it was awkward.

Jimmy Kimmel played host to Ford on Monday night, complimenting Ford but subtly skewering him in the interview portion of the show. But Kimmel treated Ford to a montage of the mayor's most embarrassing videos — rendering the populist politician a deer in some very big headlights. 

Here's a clip: