Hamilton Daystarter: Everything you need to know Tuesday

It's the last day of temperatures on the plus side, so savour it and then get ready for a change. It's 1 C to start your day. Here's all the traffic, weather and news you need to get through your Tuesday morning.

It's the last day of temperatures on the plus side, so savour then get ready for a change.

It's 1 C to start your day and we're close to the high.

Ok, this could be really funny. According to my trusty list of 'special' days, January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. No joke. So if you have a pet and you feel so inclined to dress your pet, please (please!!) send a photo our way.

In honour of Dress Up Your Pet Day, ICYMI: here's a cat dressed like Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes.

No issues to report on GO Transit eastbound from Hamilton, so smooth sailing if this is how you are commuting this morning.

At 9 a.m.:

A two vehicle collision on Highway 6 at Glancaster Road in Ancaster is holding up some traffic. No injuries.

At 8:30 a.m.:

The stretch between Walkers Line and Bronte Road is lightening a little bit as we get closer to 9 a.m.

In town, John Street is still very backed up this hour. It might be worth taking a different access route down into the lower city and avoiding the Jolley Cut.

At 8 a.m.:

Traffic is a big backed up 403 eastbound heading off the York Blvd. on-ramp. That stretch between Walkers Line and Bronte Road is still slow moving on the QEW Toronto-bound. It is backed up again once you hit Mississauga.

In town, the LINC heading onto the 403 EB is also backed-up this hour.

John Street coming off the Jolley Cut all the way King Street East is slow. Garth Street from Mohawk to Fennel is also moving slowly.

At 7:30 a.m.:

On the highways, QEW Toronto-bound is slow between Walkers Line and Bronte Road again this morning. Highways are moving well otherwise.

In town, all clear so far this morning.

Brace yourself for some actual winter weather that will start moving our way tonight.

It's 1 C to start your morning, going up to a high of 2 C later today. A mix of sun and cloud this afternoon.

Winter will start to kick in again around midnight when flurries are expected to start, and we could even accumulate a little of snow overnight. So don't be surprised if you wake up to a white Wednesday.

A low of -3 C overnight. Wednesday is projected to be -5 C.

The city is projecting clean-up after December's ice storm to take another two months. That means, the city of Hamilton won't be back to normal until about the end of March.

Crews are working six days a week to clean up tree limbs felled by the heavy ice. But they are still more than two months away from completion, said Gerry Davis, the city’s manager of public works.

“We have every available resource on it,” Davis told councillors during a special meeting Monday.

A shocking statistic coming from Hamilton's public health department. More than 900 pregnant women – of 16.7 per cent – in the city smoke. That's over the provincial average, which sits at 12.1 per cent.

And it is likely accounting for some of Hamilton’s low birth weights, said Dr. Hamidah Meghani, associate medical officer of health, and she's hoping to reduce that percentage.

For the day's world headlines, give CBC's AM Express a listen:

Here's a little laugh for your Tuesday morning. This cute girl is meeting her uncle for the first time, and its caused her a bit of confusion. Dad and his brother are identical twins. Her mind is blown.

Hamilton singer-songwriter Dana Swarbrick is headlining her first show tonight at the Casbah tonight. She opened with big success for Hannah Georges during her 2013 tour. Show at 8 p.m., tickets at the door.