Hamilton Daystarter: Everything you need to know Thursday

Here's your news, weather and traffic for Thursday, May 15.
More rain is in store for Hamilton on Thursday (CBC)


  • More showers and risk of a thunderstorm in the forecast
  • Four weeks until the Ontario election

Four weeks. 28 days. One big decision.

The provincial election is now less than one month away, with the party leaders darting across the Ontario to get their messages heard.

To learn more about where each party stands, click over to the CBC’s Ontario Votes 2014 page for the latest political news, analysis and interactive content.

And if you’re having trouble navigating what the parties are proposing on issues that are important to you, try using the Vote Compass tool to see where you fit in Ontario’s political landscape. 

GO Transit isn’t reporting any major delays on its train and bus lines running in and out of Hamilton.

Ontario Provincial Police aren’t reporting any collisions on Hamilton-area highways, but ask drivers to allow for extra commuting time on Thursday morning because of the fog.

Hamiltonians woke on Thursday with a fog advisory in effect for the city. Environment Canada says clouds and a 40 per cent chance of showers are in the forecast for the morning, with the fog dissipating before noon. Rain and a risk of another thunderstorm are in store for the afternoon. A high of 21 C is in the forecast.

Environment Canada says periods of rain and a low of 9 C are in store for the overnight period.

More clouds are expected for Friday, with a 60 per cent chance of showers in the forecast for the early morning. The clouds are set to clear in the evening, but a relatively cool high of 13 C is in the forecast for the day. 

Is $230,000 too much for the city to pay for a welcome sign on the road into town? Some people think so. While the city is looking for ways to save money on a proposed sign, to be installed on Highway 403 at Highway 6, an advocate for the project says the city should try to crowd-source or ask for corporate donations to help pay for the enhancement. ​

It was a misty morning in Ancaster, as Twitter user Nicole Longstaff's photo shows. 

Twenty-lb. house cats don't have the best reputation for quick-thinking acts heroism. But when called on to save his owners' four-year-old son from a vicious dog mauling, Tara the cat from Bakersfield, Cali., did just that.

When a neighbour's dog started gnashing at the leg of four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, Tara used her body as a battering ram to jolt the canine from the boy's leg. The dog runs away, and the Jeremy's mother, Erica, runs over to her son to make sure he's OK. 

The boy's father, Roger Triantafilo, posted surveillance footage of the incident to YouTube and titled the video "My Cat Saved My Son." Though the attack ends very quickly, some may find the video disturbing. (h/t TurnTo23.com, The Toronto Star)