You’re sick of snow, right Hamilton? We we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we’ll be above freezing today so there’s no snow in sight.

The bad news is we’re going to get rain. A lot of it. Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for today and tomorrow, with amounts of anywhere of 25 to 50 mm of rain.

Make sure your storm drains and catch basins are cleared — because we’re likely going to need them.

DayStarter Commute

Today’s commute is relatively smooth sailing so far. No major disruptions have been announced by local police or by the OPP on highways.

GO Transit hasn’t announced any disruptions or slowdowns on buses or rail lines going in and out of Hamilton.

Hamilton Daystarter, Weather

Environment Canada has issued rainfall warnings for most of southern Ontario and the Hamilton area is expected to get the worst of it.

The weather service says up to 50 mm of rain could fall between today and tomorrow with the Windsor-Sarnia and the Hamilton-Niagara corridor getting the worst of it. The rain is set to begin in the southwest around midday today and move eastward.

Environment Canada also warns that a major snowmelt is also possible as temperatures rise.

Hamilton homeowners should brace themselves for potential flooding following the rain this week.

“We’ve experienced a good old fashioned winter here,” said Scott Peck, director of planning and engineering with the Hamilton Conservation Authority. “There’s lots of snow out there and the ground conditions are frozen. If things happen a certain way, we could certainly experience this spring some significant flooding."

He added that the ground is still frozen, which means rain and melting snow will run off it without getting absorbed.

Click here for 9 tips to prepare for flooding.

DayStarter Photo

Today’s photo comes courtesy of Raise the Hammer editor Ryan McGreal, who is seemingly proving that old adage, “red sky at morning, sailors take warning.”

DayStarter City News

Lots of news coming out of city hall in the last few days.

The federal government wants Hamilton and Burlington to take over operation and ownership of the Burlington Canal lift bridge.

Diane Finley, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, penned a letter to Mayor Bob Bratina last week. The ministry wants to “divest of the bridge,” she wrote, and wants the two cities to discuss it with her staff. Councillors aren't sold on the idea, though.

City councillors are demanding changes to a proposed lease agreement with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for use of the new stadium.

But councillors aren't saying what it is about the proposed lease that has them insisting on changes.

DayStarter internet

Lets play spot the sniper. The Guardian has released this interactive where German artist Simon Menner has photographed a camouflaged sniper in a series of photos. Can you see him? (We couldn't).

Spot the sniper