Hamilton Daystarter: Everything you need to know Monday

Here's all your news, weather and traffic for Monday, March 10.
Above-zero temperatures and mostly sunny skies are in store for Hamilton on Monday. (CBC)

You are awesome.

Yes, you. Over there. On the other side of the computer or smartphone screen.

You tell great puns and have amazing stories from childhood. And you’re fantastic at microwaving popcorn for just the right amount of time.

We’re telling you because March 10 is (apparently) the International Day of Awesomeness, a celebration of all things awesome.

This awesome day was spawned by Kevin Lawver, who works at a tech company in Savannah, Georgia.

“The easiest way to celebrate The International Day of Awesomeness is to be awesome,” he writes on the International Day of Awesomess’s official website.

“You could organize a group of your friends to perform feats of awesomness with. You could write a blog entry about someone you think epitomizes the ideals of awesomeness.”

But the key to the day, Lawver says, is to have fun and not take the occasion too seriously.

So go ahead, awesome folks of Hamilton, indulge in your awesomeness, do awesome deeds and utter the word awesome today as many times as you can.

Because, after all, you are awesome. 

GO Transit says its Union 07:13- Aldershot 08:16 train trip arrived in Aldershot 11 minutes late due to VIA train traffic and freight-train traffic.

Ontario Provincial Police aren’t reporting any collisions on Hamilton-area highways.

It’s starting feel a lot like spring is coming. (Awesome!) A high of 6 C is in the forecast for Hamilton on Monday. Environment Canada says there’s a 40 per cent chance of wet flurries in the morning, with skies clearing into the afternoon. Cloudy skies and a high of 7 C is in the forecast for tomorrow.

But things are expected feel wintry again midweek, with snow and a high of –1 C in the forecast for Wednesday. (Not so awesome.) 

Four people were injured in a stabbing spree at an east Hamilton apartment building on Saturday night. Residents of the complex, as well as a video that appears to show a police interview with two of the victims, provide a chilling narrative of the rampage.

Also: On a lighter note, expect a photo gallery of felines from the Hamilton Cat Fanciers’ 2014 Cat Show, which ran on Saturday and Sunday. Look out for that. 

Devil’s Punchbowl? More like Devil’s Icebox! Local environmental charity the Escarpment Project tweeted this photo of one of Hamilton’s most famous waterfalls, which has been frozen into a giant icicle this winter. The Escarpment Project says Devil’s Punchbowl hasn’t seen this much ice in four decades. 

File this under "cute, but kind of creepy." According to a report in The Daily Dot, a seven-year-old girl sang a faithful rendition of Billie Holiday's bluesy Gloomy Sunday, mournful rasp and all, on Norway's Got Talent. The judges appeared understandably amazed.