What a way to start the first day back from the holidays – more crazy winter weather.

Hamilton is under a wind chill and flash freeze warning. That means the temperature is expected to drop throughout the day and the slushy mess on the roads and sidewalks is expected to freeze. In fact, that's already starting. Downtown sidewalks are icy (I speak from experience from my walk to work).

CBC Hamilton's Daystarter is in storm watch mode. We'll be updating frequently, so check back.

Public and Catholic schools are OPEN today. No bus cancellations so far.

DayStarter Commute

As you can imagine, the roads are not doing well this morning. Drive carefully and leave yourself extra time to get where you are going. OPP says officers are responding to a collision call every two minutes.

GO Transit bus delays on the Hamilton to Toronto express are up to 45 minutes arriving at their destinations this morning. GO is expecting that to continue throughout the morning commute.

Updates at 9:00 a.m.:

OPP is reporting yet another collision 403 Westbound at the on-ramp to Highway 6 Northbound. Two cars were rear-ended. No injuries. Be careful at this spot – this is the third accident here so far this morning.

QEW Toronto-bound at Fifty Road: there's a new collision in the right shoulder.

Updates at 8:30 a.m.:

No new collision updates from on highways from OPP or in town from Hamilton Police.

Highways Toronto-bound still slow moving. QEW is getting really heavy through Mississauga.

In town, York Blvd. still backed-up heading onto the 403, but the Linc and Red Hill are starting to lighten up.

Most other major roads are still on the slow side, but starting to clear a bit. Access routes starting to lighten up as well.

Updates at 8:00 a.m.:

QEW Toronto-bound exit Red Hill Valley Parkway: a car is in the ditch. No injuries.

Highways Toronto-bound (QEW, 403, 401, 407) are all moving slowly at this hour.

In town, be careful on the roads and sidewalks. That slush is freezing into ice.

York Blvd towards the 403 on-ramp is backed up from Queen St. Most roads are moving slower than normal because of road conditions, including Main and King downtown and West 5th, Garth and Mohawk on the mountain.

Access routes still moving slowly as well.

At 7:30 a.m.:

403 Toronto-bound is moving slowly from Highway 6 southbound to the LINC and then very slowly until Plains Road. That's because there have been two separate collisions at the Highway 6 North on-ramp.

On the QEW Toronto-bound at Fifty Road, a vehicle is in the guard rail. No injuries there.

The QEW is moving very slowly from that point, over the Skyway Bridge and continuing all the way into Toronto.

401 and 407 Toronto-bound are also slow moving.

In town, be careful on the access routes – they're all slow moving. The Linc and the Red Hill are also slow moving.

Hamilton Daystarter, Weather

At 7:30 a.m., the temperature with the wind chill is sitting at -14 C. That's going to drop throughout the morning. The city is under both a wind chill and flash freeze warning today.

By afternoon, it'll be -13 C without the wind chill and will feel like -26 C so dress accordingly.

Sidewalks are icy and are going to get icier, so wear some good footwear as well. Skates, maybe?

There is a 60 per cent chance we'll see some more flurries this evening with very low temperatures – it will feel like -38 C overnight.

The high on Tuesday is -19 C.