Hamilton councillors weigh in on the Rob Ford scandal

It's one of the largest municipal politics scandals in recent history: Toronto mayor Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine. We asked Hamilton city councillors how they would have handled it differently.

It's one of the largest municipal politics scandals in recent history. This week, Toronto mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

Reporter Samantha Craggs asked Hamilton city councillors how they would have handled the scandal differently if it had been them, and what they would do now.

All agreed that the scandal, and Ford's fate, has no impact on Hamilton. The strongest comments about the Ford scandal came from mayoral hopeful Brian McHattie, who said Toronto's mayor needs to step down.

"It's a huge distraction for Toronto," he said.

"He needs to step down as soon as possible."

Mayor Bob Bratina wouldn't answer questions about it. "I have no comment on that," he said.

Brian McHattie, Ward 1

"He clearly needs to step down."

Terry Whitehead, Ward 8

"Unfortunately he chose to stay in denial, prolong this process and now it’s a question of trust, judgment, etc."

Jason Farr, Ward 2

"I feel for Toronto. I feel for the people of Toronto." 

Scott Duvall, Ward 7

Duvall was hesitant to comment. He deals with other municipalities as Hamilton's representative on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and said he doesn't want to critique them. But he did offer what he'd do if he was in the same situation. "If I was being accused of drinking heavily and doing dope or smoking crack, I think I would go and seek help."

Brad Clark, Ward 9

"I would have advised him from the get go that it’s not appropriate for a public figure to be drinking alcohol in public. You’re representing the public at all times.”

Maria Pearson, Ward 10

"The best thing as a politician, you should know better, is just be honest because it'll come back to bite you."


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