This weekend marked the first Sunday under newly-elected Pope Francis and for Catholics in the community it was a time of celebration and renewal. CBC Hamilton spoke to some parishioners outside of Our Lady of All Souls Church on Barton Street after the morning mass on Sunday to hear how it feels to have a leader again.


Assunta Messina

"I'm quite happy to have a new Pope and they did the right thing because the other Pope was getting a little too tired, God bless him. They should do this all the time because once they get tired, they can only take so much." — Assunta Messina


Saverio Migliazza

"It is exciting. It has a lot of people with their spirits up for Easter. Knowing he's from South America and an Italian background, there's a lot of spirituality in those two continents. He looks like he's really passionate about what he does and how he gets out to the people." — Saverio Migliazza


Joe Ciallella

"It's wonderful news because finally there's a leader back in place. It's exciting for everyone. There's a new fresh, freeling from everybody. [It's] a new, fresh start and it's quite in line with the Lenten season, which for us is a baptismal season. The whole thing is about renewing one's faith. [It's] perfect timing." — Joe Ciallella


Rita DeIulio

"I think he'll do a world of good. The first Jesuit and choosing the name Francis, I was just overwhelmed. He's really down to earth." — Rita DeIulio


Giovanna Alaiao

"I saw this morning the mass in Rome and he went to the people. He went out and greeted all the people in the mass, it was very touching. He kissed them, all the bishops and everything. He's marvelous." — Giovanna Alaiao