A 14-year-old boy from Hamilton is still waiting for his teddy bear, a gift from his late grandmother, to be returned five days after it went missing at an airport.

The boy, a student at Westdale Secondary School, was travelling with his family to Thunder Bay on Monday to spend the Christmas holiday with his mom's family when his backpack with a laptop and the teddy bear went missing. Nicknamed Teddy, the bear was given to him when he was two years old by his grandmother who died of brain cancer three years ago.

Roslyn Allen, the boy's mom, said Teddy has become her son's “good luck charm” and “a talisman” over the years.

“He was near tears that it had been taken,” Allen told CBC Hamilton earlier this week.

The family is still waiting for good news from the airport authority and anyone with information. Meanwhile, Plan B is to buy an identical teddy bear from the same toy company.

Allen said the family is staying hopeful as she has received positive feedback on social media after she shared her story. Thunder Bay International Airport, where the backpack went missing, also sent out a call-out on Facebook after CBC Hamilton first reported the story.

“I was worried that it might be embarrassing for him, because he's 14 and doesn't want people to know that he still has a teddy bear,” she told CBC Hamilton on Thursday. “But he's happy to see [the coverage].”

Allen added she hasn't filed a police report yet, because she doesn't have the serial number of the laptop. The family members are not concerned about the laptop, which can be replaced, Allen said. They just want Teddy back.

She says the person with the teddy bear can return it anonymously — no question asked.