Teddy was missing for a week. His family had started to lose hope that he would ever return home safely. But the stuffed bear that meant so much was returned earlier this week, along with the laptop that had gone missing with him.

A 14-year-old Hamilton boy was travelling with his family to Thunder Bay last week to spend the Christmas holiday with his mom's relatives when his backpack with a laptop and the teddy bear went missing. Nicknamed Teddy, the bear was given to him when he was two-years-old by his grandmother who died of brain cancer three years ago.

Through social media and news outlets, the family made a plea for whomever took the bear to return it, even without the laptop. On Tuesday, their wish came true when someone dropped off both items at the Thunder Bay airport anonymously.

Roslyn Allen, the boy's mom, told CBC Hamilton they were thrilled to have the bear back. 

"We don't know if it was a passenger who accidentally took the bag or if it was some kind of change of heart. We're just happy to have it all back," Allen said, adding they had considered trying to buy a replica of the bear but it wouldn't have been the same. 

"The bear is just one of those objects that has huge sentimental value. It really has become like a talisman for my son. He takes it everywhere and stashes it in his backpack."

Though she said her son is a little shy about carrying the bear, it has become a good luck charm for him and makes him feel connected to his grandmother. She said he's thrilled to have it back home safe and sound.

"It's one of those pieces from your childhood that's just completely irreplaceable."