Hamilton: Better or Worse? Building permits, big money

In our 3rd instalment, we look at the value of the building permits issued by the city each year since 2006.

City hall issued more than $1 billion worth of building permits in 2012, 2013

This July 2014 file photo shows crews working on the first major building construction project on James Street North in decades. (Jeff Green/CBC)

Better or Worse #3: This is the third instalment in a month-long municipal election series of infographics examining Hamilton's progress over recent years.

Much has been made about the rate of development in the city, particularly in the downtown core.

In 2012, the city issued a record $1.5 billion worth of building permits, a figure heralded by Mayor Bob Bratina as a sign that Hamilton was making “great progress” in terms of its economic fortunes.

Last year, the city wasn’t able to match its 2012 benchmark, but it still broke the $1-billion threshold, outstripping the 2007 figure by more than $100 million after adjusting for inflation.

The city is on track for another big year in terms of the value of building permits issued. From the beginning of 2014 until the end of July, city hall had issued about $705 million worth of building permits. Staff issued around $604 million during the same seven-month period last year. So there's that. 

Here's a look at the number of building permits issued by the city each year. The trend line, as you can see, reflects that of the first chart more than a little bit.