Whitehorse’s new Rob Ford-inspired song Boss Man is as prophetic as it is catchy.

Though it was recorded this summer, months before the Toronto mayor admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in a “drunken stupor,” it still contains the line “smoke 'em if you got 'em.”

“It wasn’t really a political stance — it’s more so a look at the story that’s lying out before us,” said Melissa McClelland, one half of the duo who is originally from Hamilton but now live in Toronto.

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Husband and wife duo Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet of the band Whitehorse just released a new song ripping on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/The Canadian Press)

She and Luke Doucet (the other half of the band who have won multiple Hamilton Music Awards and Canadian Folk music awards) wrote and recorded the tune months ago and planned to release it on their next record.

But when the Ford saga blew up this month, they knew its time was now.

“We’ve been watching Rob Ford for years now, and there have been so many foibles and crazy things happening,” McClelland said. “The whole thing seems pretty infantile at this point.”

“In my perfect world, we’d get a new mayor and this would all go away,” she said.

Ford’s crack-smoking admission set off a whirlwind few weeks at Toronto City Hall, capped off by meetings that stripped of much of his powers and office budget by city council.

Court documents have revealed that for much of the summer Ford and his friend and occasional driver Alexander (Sandro) Lisi were under police surveillance. Lisi is now facing extortion and drug trafficking charges.

Members of council have raised concerns recently about Ford's drinking and Ford himself admitted recently he has driven after drinking alcohol.