A Hamilton motorcycle association has created an online petition to immortalize the late Lincoln Alexander with a statue at city hall.

"Lincoln, as far as we are concerned, was Hamilton," said Keven Ellis, the president of the North Wall Riders Association. "He was so open and sincere."

Alexander, Canada's first black MP, died on Oct. 19. He was 90.

Ellis started the petition with fellow rider Shawn Spicer because they felt Linc needed a tangible monument in the city.

While Alexander is already remembered through the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, Ellis says a roadway isn't the best way to pass on Linc's legacy.

"When I drive on the QEW, it doesn't inspire me to look up Queen Elizabeth," he said. "But if it was a statue, people could stop and take pictures with it and be inspired to learn about him."

Currently, the petition has just under 400 online signatures. Alexander's wife Marni is among them.

"I think Linc would love this idea. I know he would come and see it and be 'present' when others were visiting his statue," she said on the petition.

"He was not only Mr. Hamilton, he was Mr. downtown Hamilton. What better ambassador would there be? As with the Glenn Gould Park bench with Gould sitting on the end of the bench in bronze, life size, outside the CBC building in Toronto, perhaps we could put Linc on a scooter."

"It is how the people from central Hamilton will remember him."

Ellis isn't asking the city to foot the bill on any cost, but rather just provide a space for the statue.

He said he's certain "people would step forward," to help with the expense, considering the type of person Alexander was.

"He was like Canada's Martin Luther King," Ellis said. "He broke down barriers in a way that hadn't happened before."

Alexander became Canada's first black MP in 1968, and served as the lieutenant governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991.

In 1992, he was appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada and to the Order of Ontario. Thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Hamilton for his funeral Oct. 26.

To visit the online petition, click here.