It appeared poised to appeal it, but the company that owns a controversial strip of buildings in the Gore has complied with a city order to board them up.

Hughson Business Space Corporation, owner of 18 to 28 King St. E., planned to demolish the block of buildings in the heart of Hamilton’s downtown. Council halted that late last year when it suddenly declared the buildings heritage properties.

The corporation had already fenced off the buildings and begun to dismantle the storefronts. In January, the city issued an order to board up the holes.

The corporation appealed the order in February, and a hearing was scheduled for May 5, said Kim Coombs, manager of municipal bylaw enforcement. But as of Thursday, the owners have complied.

“What they have done has satisfied that order,” she said. “The order was to secure the building.”

The required work included covering all openings where doors, windows, signage and other areas were removed. The openings left the buildings susceptible to trespassers, Coombs said.

Before the corporation put up the boarding, some residents voiced concern about the state of the building, said Coun. Jason Farr of Ward 2.

“The mess they made wasn’t, from my understanding, the result of removing anything of significance, but it was a mess,” he said. 

David Blanchard is a partner in the Hughson Street Business Space Corporation. Blanchard said last year his plans for the space included a mixture of commercial and residential.

The city negotiated with the corporation to save the facades, even preapproving $1.1 million in grants, but halted the demolition in December amongst fears the buildings would be completely demolished anyway.