Know what’s worse than wrecking your band’s trailer on a frigid, icy stretch of the back roads of Saskatchewan?

Doing the exact same thing again a couple hours later.

That string of bad luck has effectively snuffed out any chances of Hamilton’s The Reason touring Western Canada in the winter ever again.

The trouble started at the end of the band’s most recent swing through Manitoba, Alberta and Vancouver. They were riding a high note, having opened for Hedley as part of the Grey Cup festival at the Brandt Centre in Regina.


The Reason is playing a 10th anniversary show this Saturday at Absinthe. (Courtesy The Reason)

On Dec 1., the band was on the way home — trying to make the cross-country trip by driving four days straight. They’d been on the road all night when the van hit a patch of black ice just outside Swift Current, spun out into a ditch and broke the axle on their trailer.

“It was crazy,” said singer Adam White, who credits his time in a “serious go kart racing circuit” in the U.S. for keeping the van from rolling.

With any hopes of a marathon driving session abandoned, the band stayed overnight in Regina while their trailer was fixed. They left the next day around 5:30 p.m. with a new trailer axle and two new wheels.

The band was back on the road to Hamilton, playing some Fugazi for the trip and trying to relax. Then they hit black ice. Again.

This time, the accident was even more violent. The trailer spun and flipped a few times, sending their gear spiralling around in the back. Thankfully, the van stayed upright and no one was hurt.

“I was just trying to make sure we didn’t tip over,” White said. “We knew we were going down.”

“Both times when the RCMP showed up they were like ‘how did you not roll this thing?’ We just said ‘okay, we’re flying home. This is stupid.’”

Two accidents in the space of 32 hours will do that for your morale. They sold the trailer for parts, shipped the gear and van back to Hamilton, and got on a 5 a.m. flight back home.

Their gear was a little dinged up, but nothing too badly — thanks in large part to some hefty flight cases and a Tetris-style packing job. The band’s morale for winter touring in eastern Canada didn’t make it through unscathed, though.

“We basically decided we’re not doing western Canada in winter. We just can’t,” White said. “I’m not 24 with nothing to lose anymore.”

“We really appreciate our fans out there. They’ll just have to wait till spring and fall to see us.”

Now safely back in Hamilton, the band is turning all its attention towards the 10th anniversary show this Saturday night at Absinthe in downtown Hamilton. This show will be used as the main concert footage fodder for The Reason’s upcoming 10th anniversary documentary.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and cover is $10, featuring support from Say Yes, The Monarch Project and City and the Sea.