You might as well start calling part of Burlington Street "Nikola Tesla Boulevard" now. In July, it will be official.

The city is renaming part of the street from just east of Ottawa Street to the QEW. The group behind it — the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation — plans a ribbon cutting for July 10, along with a celebration that closes part of the road.

The group is more than halfway to raising $150,000 for the renaming, said president Vic Djurdjevic at a general issues committee meeting on Wednesday. Funds have come in from around the world.

'This is the power of Tesla.' - Vic Djurdjevic, president, Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation

"This is the power of Tesla," he told councillors.

"Tesla is an international situation and Hamilton now is going to be the centre of this."

The group also plans a splashy unveiling Djurdjevic says will draw tourists and widespread media attention.

Tesla was a renowned inventor known for the alternating current. His theories also contributed to the development of everything from modern radios to X-rays.

Djurdjevic says he's relevant to Hamilton because his electrical contributions led to Hamilton becoming an industrial city.

Councillors agreed last year, voting to change the name if the corporation raised the money.

The group also envisions a statue at Bayfront Park and a curriculum in local schools.