Gaming house found in Hamilton, 4 men charged

Four people were charged with illegal gambling after police searched a storefront in central Hamilton.

People play Texas Hold'em, use video gambling machine at the address, police say

Google Maps show the house at 311 King St. E., that police suspected as being a gambling house. (Google Maps)

A police raid on central Hamilton property has closed down a gambling operation. Four people were charged.

Police said an investigation had given them information people were visiting the address- a King Street East storefront with apartments above  to play Texas Hold'em, a poker game, and use video gambling machines.

After police executed a search warrant, four Hamilton residents, aged 40 to 50, were charged with keeping a common gaming house. One of them were charged with simple possession of a narcotic.

The investigation was led by the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau-Illegal Gambling Unit, a specialized police unit headed by the Ontario Provincial Police in partnership with police services in Hamilton, Durham and York Regional Police. The unit is responsible for province-wide illegal gambling investigations.

Hamilton police's vice and drug unit and ACTION team assisted with executing the warrant.