Freezing rain warning cancelled for Hamilton, still an issue for commuters

Environment Canada cancelled the freezing rain warning for Hamilton, but that doesn't mean Friday afternoon's commute won't be messy. Toronto, Oakville and Burlington are still under a warning. There is still freezing rain in store for the rest of the weekend.

The freezing rain warning for Hamilton has ended, but that doesn’t mean Friday’s afternoon commute won’t be messy.

Environment Canada cancelled the warning for Hamilton when the temperature here stayed above freezing Friday morning. At noon, Hamilton is sitting at a high of 2 C, but roads are still wet and slick from rain and melting snow.

But if you’re passing through Toronto, Oakville or Burlington during your afternoon commute, the freezing rain warning is still in place. Temperatures east of Hamilton are hovering around zero and still experiencing periods of freezing rain. Drivers can expect a slow, wet and possibly icy drive on highways.

The risk of freezing is still sticking around Hamilton for the rest of the weekend. The temperature is expected to drop to -1 C in Hamilton after midnight. That means anything that falls from the sky overnight could freeze.

Freezing drizzle is expected to change to freezing rain by Saturday afternoon, making any travel potentially treacherous.

On Sunday, Environment Canada is calling for periods of freezing rain again and a high of 2 C.

Conservation areas around Hamilton have closed for the rest of Friday because of the wet conditions, including Christie Lake, Dundas Valley, Fifty Point, Valens Lake, Spencer Gorge and Webster’s Falls, Crooks Hollow Conservation Areas and Greensville Optimist Park.