Flamborough man pushing for Sunday gun hunting

A Flamborough man who wants Hamilton to approve Sunday gun hunting isn't giving up.

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters will present to councillors on Feb. 19

Charlie Bois of Flamborough is collecting signatures on a petition in favour of allowing hunting with a gun on Sundays in the rural areas of Hamilton. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

A Flamborough man who wants Hamilton to approve Sunday gun hunting isn't giving up.

Local hunter Charlie Bois approached councillors in November asking for the city to approve hunting with a gun on Sundays. The city planning committee accepted the presentation without acting on it.

Since then, Bois has collected about 150 names on a petition around the city. He has also spoken with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), which will present at a planning committee meeting on Feb. 19.

Bois is determined to press the issue, which he says is needed for Hamilton hunters too busy to hunt on other days. Bois often works six days a week with his own business, Charlie's Carpentry Services. That only leaves him Sunday for an activity such as duck hunting, which requires a gun.

"I'm really hoping that city councillors realize that a lot of people want this and it's really not going to cause any problems," he said. "It wouldn't change anyone's day-to-day life."

Bow hunting is already legal on Sundays in Hamilton. But hunting with a gun on Sunday would require a vote from council. Currently, about 150 Ontario municipalities allow Sunday gun hunting.

Flamborough councillor Robert Pasuta, who represents Bois's ward, has spoken to local farmers and constituents on the issue. None of them want it, he said, so he won't vote in favour.

Farmers say they like having one day a week to not worry about the traffic created by hunters, he said. They think six days a week is enough.

"If the farmers aren't in support of it, that's enough for me," Pasuta said, who is also a farmer.

Bois has petitions at shops such as Fishing World on Barton Street East, Al Simmons Gun Shop on Locke Street South and Cathy's Country Kitchen at Peter's Corners in Dundas. He is also encouraging fellow hunters to contact councillors.

The bulk of Hamilton's population is in an urban area where people are likely not well educated on hunting, he said. "My guess is councillors are afraid to ruffle any feathers."

"I want to show them there is support for this, particularly from the wards on the outskirts of town."