The elected members of the Ontario legislature return to their duties Tuesday after a long break, and will hear the first throne speech from the new government led by Premier Kathleen Wynne. You can watch that speech, which will be delivered by Lt. Gov. David Onley, live at 3 p.m. at CBC Hamilton.

It has been more than four months since former premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued the house and announced he was stepping down as Liberal leader.

That triggered a leadership contest that ended with Wynne's victory at a Toronto convention last month, making her the first female premier in Ontario history

Last week, Wynne weighed in on Hamilton's casino debate. Ontario's new premier said the province needs to stay out of casino talks and let municipalities like Hamilton make decisions for themselves.

"It's a contentious issue," she said. "Differences of opinion are evident in governments and in communities, and that's what makes it contentious."

"My position on casinos is we're going to allow municipalities — within the provincial framework — to decide whether or not they want a casino and where it will be located," she said. "We'll be very clear that all the [provincial] rules will have to be followed in terms of zoning and other decisions."