The Hamilton Community Foundation is kicking off its 60th anniversary celebrations Saturday by providing free admission to over 40 recreation, conservation and cultural centres around the city.

The list includes lots of public swims, free skates, museums and opportunities to work out. Click on the dots on the map above to see what free activities are available close to you.

“This is a perfect way for Hamilton Community Foundation to celebrate the people and places that make Hamilton great,” says Terry Cooke, president and CEO. “Quite simply, Hamiltonians are the reason why HCF exists and we wanted to create a celebration that will allow everyone to enjoy many of the city’s treasures regardless of their age, background, interest or financial circumstance.”

HCF was Ontario’s first community foundation and the third in Canada when it launched in 1954.

Community foundations are charities that pool and invest charitable gifts from their donors, and use the income to support local charities.

Hamilton Community Foundation received $6.6 million in donations last year and gave out grants of some $6.4 million to the community. The free admission event Friday is also sponsored by Pioneer Energy LP.