Keep learning every chance you get, and save your money for retirement.

That was the advice local seniors gave people walking downtown who stopped to chat with them in Gore Park.

A campaign called #ElderWisdom brought Chuck Repasi and Polly Brown, two residents from Village of Wentworth Heights, to a park bench in the bustling core. Signs nearby encouraged passersby to stop to talk. 

The campaign is to acknowledge Seniors' Month by facilitating such conversations between wise elders and the rest of the community.

Those who stopped had plenty to ask, and Repasi and Brown had just as much to say in reply. 

Repasi, 79, had this to say to the younger generation: save money for your retirement.

Meanwhile, Brown said it was important to keep learning at every opportunity. 

The campaign, put on by Schlegel Villages, has made the same effort in other Ontario cities. You can learn more about it at