Hand Gun

Hand gun recovered by Hamiton Police Services

Hamilton police have arrested eight people with multiple drug and weapon charges, including one man who knocked on the door as police were searching and identified himself as a drug dealer. 

Police searched a home on West Avenue North in Hamilton, arresting three women and four men around 5 p.m. on Feb. 26.

While police were searching the house, a man knocked on the closed front door. When police asked who it was, he identified himself as a drug dealer. Officers opened the door and the surprised man assaulted an officer by pushing him, police say.

The driver of the waiting car fled immediately. The suspect threw a loaded .45 caliber hand gun into the snow as he ran from the house. The man was pursued and arrested.

Police also found an array of drugs including prescription pills, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, and marijuana in the house. They also gathered an undisclosed amount of cash and a Taser.

Four of the eight suspects were released and will appear in court on drug-related charges. The others were held for bail hearing.

The charges include possession of illegal drugs, possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of the proceeds of crime under $5,000, the unauthorized possession of a firearm and ammunition, and careless use and transport of a firearm.