A public health advisory for Lynden’s drinking water is still in effect Thursday after E. coli was found in the water supply, officials warn.

A water sample collected as part of routine monitoring of Lynden’s drinking water was positive for E. coli and coliform bacteria. That’s on top of a previous drinking water advisory for lead.

The medical officer of health “strongly urges” people in Lynden who are on the municipal water system to not drink their water until further notice.

“This current detection of bacteria in a water sample is separate from the intermittent lead detection in Lynden’s drinking water supply which has resulted in an ongoing drinking water advisory,” Dr. Matt Hodge, Associate Medical Officer of Health. “We are issuing an updated Advisory to Lynden residents as the city-supplied lead filters will not remove bacterial contamination.”

“Boiling water is effective to kill E. coli and other bacteria but will not remove lead and can increase its concentration.”

City officials are working to resolve the issue and the advisory will remain in effect until two sets of bacteriological samples come back negative for E. coli and total coliform bacteria.

The city is also trying to provide an alternate supply of water via a water tanker. Residents are encouraged to check in at the Lynden Fire Hall to see when the alternate source is up and running.

Lynden residents with health-related questions or concerns can call Hamilton’s Contact Centre at: 905 546 2489.