Not every band gets to work with its dream producer — but Dawn and Marra can count themselves as one of the lucky ones.

On Sunday, the young indie/folk duo will fly to Vancouver to collaborate with producer/engineer Howard Redekopp, whose previous credits include Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, Said the Whale and Hamilton's own The Reason.

"We really wanted to look into who our ideal producers were and if they were attainable," said Dawn Larsh, one half of the duo with fellow songstress Marra Koren.

"It's kind of scary," Koren said. "He's a big producer to work with."

The Dundas duo is planning a five-song EP — they're just not exactly sure what's going to be on it (though "I've got a Number" from the above video is a likely candidate).

The plan is to add to the overall density of their music — especially vocally. "If we're going to go overboard with anything, vocals would be the one thing," Larsh said.

They're also hoping to break out from their folk moniker a little too, with some more eclectic, indie leanings.

"We're adding things that will take it to another sort of place outside of folk," Larsh said. "Once you get labeled at folk, it's hard to get out of that," Koren agreed.

Three weeks worth of studio time has been booked, which means 17-year-old Koren has to miss some of her exam period. But no worries — her teachers have been very gracious about the whole thing, she says.

The girls are looking at a spring release for their as-yet-untitled album. In fact, naming the thing is causing them some stress.

"I feel like naming a child would be easier," Larsh laughed.

"Totally," Koren agreed. " It'd be so easy to just say, 'Your name is Billy. Now live with it, kid.'"

Once the physical disc is in their hands, the plan is to hit the road — Ontario first, then to branch out across Canada and eventually, into the U.S. They'll play anywhere that will have them, just as long as it gets their music out there.

"I just don't want to be sitting around with 100 thousand-million-billion copies of this thing in my room," Larsh laughed.