Dundas councillor Russ Powers retires from municipal politics

Russ Powers announced he's retiring from municipal politcs Thursday. The long-serving Dundas councillor made no mention of calling it a career-leaving the door open for a federal 2015 federal elections.
Russ Powers is Councillor for Ward 13. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

After 27 years of service in the political realm, Ward 13 Councillor Russ Powers is retiring from municipal politics. 

The Dundas city councillor made the announcement Thursday that he will not seek re-election in the fall municipal elections. It's a decision, Powers said, which came after much deliberation. 

"Since moving to Dundas almost forty-eight years ago, I've become passionate about our community and I know that a worthy candidate will come forward and I am confident that my successor will maintain the best traditions and ensure a quality of life that we all want and strive for," Powers said in a statement.

"I thank you for the many and varied opportunities that I have experienced and am extremely grateful for your continued support over these many, many years."

Powers, 65, was a former Member of Parliament for the Liberals between 2004 to 2006, defeating David Sweet for the seat. His civic service bookends his time as an MP - Powers was a councillor in Dundas starting in 1982, representing the city on town council, regional council and as a councillor in the new City of Hamilton. 

With Powers' exit, Ward 13 will be one of four wards (including Ward 1, 3 and 9) that will not have incumbents seeking re-election. 

In January, Powers told The Spectator that the Liberals approached him to run for the 2015 federal election.


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