A report going to committee says a new parking garage is needed to take care of a projected parking shortfall downtown.

Here's a look at some numeric facts from the report about parking downtown

11:30 a.m.- The peak time for parking downtown.

13,109 - Available parking spots downtown in 2012

12,792 - Available spots downtown in 2005

8909 -  Maximum number of cars parked downtown at one time in 2012

9,756 - Maximum number of cars parked downtown at one time in 2005

68 - Percentage of available spots used in 2012

76% - Percentage of available spots used in 2005

109% - The usage rate of the busiest zone downtown is 2012, which is the area west of Bay, between York and King

600 - The number of people on a waiting list for monthly parking in downtown  municipal lots

$15 - Maximum daily rate for parking downtown

 $4 - Minimum daily rate for parking downtown

$50 - the cheapest cost of  a monthly parking pass downtown

$37 - The amount that his cheaper than a monthly HSR pass

30 - The increase in the number of metered parking spots downtown  since 2005

150 - The increase in unmetered parking spaces downtown since 2005

5024 - The number of privately operated parking space for public use (stores, donut shops etc)

$1 - The hourly metered rate downtown, lowest of 14 cities measured (along with 2 other cities)

105  The number of downtown parking spaces estimated to be displaced by LRT