Hearings for suspended Hamilton Police inspector David Doel won't resume until November.

The week of Nov. 25 is the first full week both prosecution and defence had available to continue with the three-year-old case, officials decided at proceedings Friday morning.

Doel faces a total of 14 charges of misconduct under the Police Services Act, including allegedly having sex while on duty, keeping pornography on his work computer, using police phone and video equipment for personal use, and using the national criminal database for personal use.

The offences date as far back as 2006.

At the hearing Friday, presiding officer Robert Fitches, a retired Ontario Provincial Police superintendent, also dealt with a motion put forth by Doel and his lawyer Harry Black. It alleged that Fitches should give up his position as presiding officer due to perceived bias, indicating Fitches' communication in private with police council Lynda Bordeleau.

Fitches did not recluse his position.

"I must take issue with his position that he suspects unprofessional conduct," Fitches said during the hearing.

At an earlier hearing in February, Fitches ruled to keep hearings closed to public and media to protect the identity of the victim involved with Doel.

"I'm critically aware of the public interest," he said during the pre-hearing motion in February. "On the other hand, there is ... responsibility of retaining information on Ms. Y."

Doel, a high earner from the police service, has been suspended with pay for the past three years. He is listed on the province's Sunshine List as earning $140,725.94 in 2011.