Dogs may be seen as a threat by coyotes in their home territory (Silvio Santos/Canadian Press)

The Rymal road conservation area says beware of coyote. Conservation staff released a report alerting the public to a coyote that has shown signs of protecting its territory in the north half along the Yellow and Orange Trail, between the Pottruff Homestead and the Nexus Cave.

Conservation staff will monitor the area. Signs have been posted in the area to warn visitors. Dog walkers are asked to avoid the area, as dogs may be seen as a threat to coyotes. Dogs must be leashed at all times in the conservation area.

"The HCA hopes that we can ask hikers and especially dog walkers to avoid the area for now and let wildlife feel safe in their home," says Bruce Mackenzie, Director of Customer Services for the Hamilton Conservation Authority. "At times the wildlife in our conservation areas need space from people and their pets."

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