Blame James Cameron. It was only a matter of time.

Hamilton based alt-rock band Cowlick have released their new record on — wait for it — 3D glasses.

Check out the video for "Money Money" from their new album Night Vision below. (And for those who happen to have a pair of 3D glasses handy, skip to the bottom of the page to view the 3D version.)

Unlike the barrage of gimmicky 3D movies audiences have been forced to sit through over the last five years or so, the new Cowlick record actually has some substance.

"Money Money" is a slinky, riff-based effort, much like something Cake would have done. Their sound is a hodgepodge of influences, drawing from equal parts alt-rock, folk, noise-rock — and according to their Myspace page — eggnog and Mexican food.

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Hudecki says finishing Night Vision was a lot like giving birth.

"And we just had to let that baby free and get it into everyone's ear holes," Hudecki said.

But to stand out from the pack (and to save some cash) the band opted to release the record on 3D glasses instead of the traditional jewel case, digipak or download card offering.

It's a cool idea. Instead of getting a CD, fans are handed a pair of glasses with a link to a downloadable version of the album and another to the 3D version of the "Money Money" video.

"And it cost us pennies," Hudecki said. "So we're laughing."

The video was made in Hamilton, and filmed by Mohawk College instructor Zach Arlow. Hudecki and his brother Jackson (who plays drums in the band) were shot just sitting in two chairs in a studio. The rest is post-production magic.

Hudecki says "Money Money" is a kind of "anti-consumerism" song. "At the very least, it's a curb your consumerism tune," he said.

"We're poor musicians. We don't care about buying expensive shoes."

Hudecki comes by the "poor musician" moniker honestly, and got to know the business touring extensively when he was in By Divine Right. But Cowlick aren't trying to "make it" in any capacity, he says.

"Showbiz is a temptress," he said. "One minute you're on the cover of a magazine, but then the next you're playing to no one."

"So our MO is just making good content — and that's it."

"Great music, great videos and great shows are all you can control."

You can buy Night Vision on 3D glasses at Dr. Disc at 20 Wilson St. And for those who happen to have some old-school cyan and blue glasses kicking around, view the 3D version of the video right here: