Keith Theodore Constantin

Convicted sex offender Keith Theodore Constantin is moving to Hamilton and is a danger to reoffend, police say. (Hamilton Police)

Less than two weeks after he was released from prison, Keith Constantin is once again in police custody.

Hamilton police say the convicted sex offender was arrested at Division Two headquarters on Friday night after he allegedly broke his court-ordered curfew. 

"At 11:15 p.m., he turned himself in and was found in breach of his curfew," said Staff Sgt. Greg Dewar of the Hamilton police. 

Constantin was held for a Saturday bail hearing, Dewar said. 

Police notified Hamilton residents last week that Constantin, who has served prison time for sexual assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon and possession of explosives, as well as several other offences, had been released from prison and was moving into the area around Gage Park.

Another public safety alert was sent out Monday warning residents that Constantin was instead going to live in the Fruitland Road area of Stoney Creek. 

The warnings prompted public outcry in both of the communities where Constantin was said to be moving in.

Danger to re-offend

In a July 25 statement, Police Chief Glenn De Caire said he wanted to send out an advisory because Constantin is a danger to re-offend. 

“In our commitment to public safety, I am exercising my discretion to notify the public that Mr. Constantin will be residing in the city of Hamilton,” De Caire said in the news release.

According to a Hamilton Spectator report from 2009, Constantin sexually assaulted a woman in a basement apartment of his parents' Hamilton home on Sept. 9, 2007. He punched her in the chest and head, held a knife to her and tried to bind her wrists with wire, the report reads.

When she cried out, he told the woman, "Shut up, or I will kill you."

He was scheduled to go on trial in 2009 for sexual assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon and breaching a peace bond. The trial was called off because the 27-year-old complainant suffered seizures because of the stress of the trial and ended up in hospital on a suicide watch.

Constantin accepted a plea deal that saw him sentenced to the equivalent of an eight-year prison term. He was given credit for time served in pretrial custody. Constantin was also placed on the national sex-offender registry for life and his DNA profile was entered into Canada's criminal databank. He is prohibited for life from possessing weapons and it was ordered that he serve at least half his sentence before he could apply for parole.

He was also convicted in 2000 of sexually assaulting a young boy and of sexually assaulting a 45-year-old blind woman in separate incidents.

Constantin's July release came with a number of court-order conditions, including:

  • Not to be alone with anyone under the age of 16 unless that person is accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 years old.
  • Not to be present at any day care, swimming area and/or public swimming area, school ground or playground where one might reasonably expect children to be present or any community centre where children are present.
  • Abstain absolutely from the possession, purchase or consumption of drugs, narcotics, controlled substances or marijuana, expect in accordance with a medical prescription.
  • Abstain absolutely from the possession, purchase or consumption of alcohol or alcohol-based products